24 Mei 2010

Understanding Islam

Sajer-sajer tak ada kerja..

Sorry, lama tak update blog sebab sedang in the zone menyiapkan buku novel remaja trilogi berjudul Man Rempit – Kisah Cinta luar biasa seorang mat rempit.

Actually Islam is a simple religion and its a religion of the heart.

There are rules and regulation that we have to follow and everything is stated in the Quran and Hadith.

And actually it’s not hard to follow. For instance there are so many halal stuffs than prohibited ones. You can’t consume alcohol bua there are thousands other drinks that you can consume.

Again there is so many thing that you can do than you can’t.

It’s a religion of love and peace. Every time when I surf the Internet on people converting to Islam. Comments made by the non muslims are harsh and full of hatred. For a true muslims they usually don’t counter such action as we are taught to be patient and to love. Sometimes I wonder are these religion taught them to hate? I surely don’t think so.

Come on, look at other beings in this world. All beings are beneficial to humans. Trees for instance, taking in carbon monoxide and change it oxygen. Taking in bad things while converting it into good things. How about us? We on the other hand tend to come out with bad things from our heart, mouth and actions. Just because we are blessed with a brain by God doesn’t mean that we can use it as we want to.

Nobody would like a person with bad hearts.

Well, at the end of the day everybody would die and the hatred would die with us.

Think about it!

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