14 September 2010

Burn The Qoran Day

A pastor named Terry Jones in a small church in Florida campaigned for International Burn the Qu’ran Day in conjunction with  September 11.

Here I describe some of his stupidity based on what I read.

     It is clear that he lacks knowledge about Islam. A religion practiced by more than 1.5 billion people on earth and the fastest growing in the world.

     They would only helped the Muslims economically by purchasing the Qur'an before burning it.

     Come to think about it, burning the Quran you’ll also burn the stories of Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus and many other prophets.

     Think about this, if ALL other religious books and scriptures including the Bible and even the Qur'an burned, the Qu’ran will arise the next day because there are so many hafiz or Al Qur’an memorizer around the world not like the other religions’ book. For your information The Qur'an is preserved by Allah. It contents will not / cannot be amended till the Day of Judgment. It has stayed the same so for the past 1400 years.

     Moreover, one way to eliminate the Qur'an if there is any error in it is by burning.

     This is a hate crime and violating the constitution of the United States itself in the issue of freedom of religion.

Islam is not a religion of hate, as matter of fact it promotes love. We don’t go and burn the books of other religions. We do not need to do so. Based on the history, when the Islamic Caliphate conquered a region or country,  they do not kill their prisoners and have even released them as performed by Salahudin Ayubi when he conquered Jerusalem. I believe all religion promotes love and to take care of other human beings. It is not the weakness of the religion but it is weakness the people losing their own desires and weak judgments.

We are a Muslim, we must not jump to conclusion and act the same by organizing hatred and hostility.

Here I leave you with this statement.

Remember the Prophet Muhammad preached Islam by telling us the truth and beauty and not by showing others’ weaknesses or hatred towards other religions.

Think about it.

Indeed, all good is from Allah and all shortcomings are of my own. Therefore, I asked for forgiveness.

Open your heart, hopefully you will understand. Thanks for taking the time to read. Hope it will benefit you.


Faizal Yusup
Facebook: Faizal Yusup

Thank you

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