28 Mac 2010

Futsal Story

Recently I watched youtube on a story of the best futsal player from Brazil named Falcoa. ( Intended to prepare myself mentally for the futsal competition that will be held. I always do that in order to prepare myself mentally to be in the zone before the competition. To be in the zone - a topic that may be share later. InsyaAllah .)

Anyway, he was a good ball juggler until one day his friend suggested for him to go to a selection of futsal players for Brazil. He went thus selected and within 4 months later he became captain of Brazil futsal team.

He said at first, he has the skills and talent but without specific goals. However, now since playing for the team he has goals and objectives sets. Now he uses the expertise, skills and talent is to help the team and scoring goals for his country makes him happy.

Taking Falcoa example in this story, a long time ago I like to write whatever I felt in my diary but I did not go anywhere. At the same time I like organizing events such as grand dinner, teams, reunion, sporting event, involved in political parties, peoples union, office and etc. but without any fulfilling objectives.

Then I start writing a manuscript for a book to be published and it was successful. The publication company accepted it and later published it. Next I wrote this blog with the purpose of seeking Allah’s approval and in a way, invites its readers to come back to the way of Allah and this is an ultimate goal for me to achieved.

By the way, we lost the futsal tournament during the group stage because we came with the aim to enjoy the game and not with the goal to win it. It’s difficult to balance between these two goals actually.

After all we are 40 years of age and we are too old for this.

That was the story.


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